Life Insurance Underwriting

How do I find the most desirable insurance protection for me and my family while I shop for the lowest rates and best benefits?

While every final expense life insurance company has its own underwriting standards, all insurance companies are NOT created equally! Whether you are applying for coverage with pre-existing conditions or without major pre-existing conditions, you must understand that the health questions asked on the application are the most important element – as they most likely determine what you “qualify” for.

Beware, if you receive an application with no medical questions, you may only be applying for a modified or guaranteed issue product with a 2 -3 year waiting period and not even realize it. These policies only offer partial coverage or just cover accidents in this interim period. Some well-known organizations like AARP, Colonial Penn, Gerber, Prudential, AIG, and others offer these programs along with their fine underwritten policies, so don’t be fooled and read the fine print!

Another often misunderstood term is NO EXAM required. This does not mean that the insurance company doesn’t review your medical records. An organization known as the MIB, which stands for Medical Information Bureau, was created in 1902 to provide fraud protection services for insurance companies…almost all of the Life & Health companies subscribe to their services. So. If your answers on your life insurance application do not reconcile with their database, your eligibility may be affected.

Therefore, I suggest that you always utilize the services of a licensed & knowledgeable Insurance Agent who knows where he/she can get you qualified for the best rate based upon your age and current health conditions while placing your business only with reputable insurers!

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