Life Insurance for Diabetics

What if I have Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes?

The Truth

Diabetes is one of those health issues which contribute to heart disease, stroke, neuropathy, retinopathy, and nephropathy. This can develop into kidney failure, amputation, and even blindness. If you fall into any of these categories, it becomes difficult to get approved for a Traditional Life Policy.

The Reality

If you work with an Independent Agent who is experienced in Diabetic Insurance nuances, he or she should be able to direct you to a company that may offer you a Graded or Guaranteed Life Insurance Policy if a Standard Policy is not available because of complications caused by your diabetes.

It is easy for diabetics to think that life insurance is out of reach, simply because they have been Declined for Coverage in the past. The good news is, not every life insurance company handles diabetic applicants in the same manner. Maybe you picked the wrong insurance company?

As an organization with over 30 years of experience in the Life Insurance Profession dealing with Diabetics & Others with challenging health issues, we can help!

Factors That Determine Your Life Insurance Rate

  • If you are a diabetic, do you take oral medications or insulin?
  • Do you smoke?
  • What is your age?
  • Are you a Male or Female?
  • What is your height & weight?
  • How long have you been a diabetic?
  • How well is your diabetes controlled?
  • What is your A1C?
  • How is your overall health at time of application?
  • Is there a history diabetes in your family’s history?

Tips For Improving Your Chances to Obtain Affordable Life Insurance

Although there is no known cure for diabetes, diabetes can be controlled to a certain degree with proper diet, exercise, medication and maintaining periodic health check-ups.

(Note: Smoking & Obesity are high risk factors for those applying for life insurance, even if they do not have diabetes!)

There are over 1,000 life Insurance companies operating within the USA; make sure your agent knows which of the Companies underwrite diabetics in a “Favorable Manner.”


If you have diabetes…you are certainly not alone!

In 2018, the American Diabetes Association estimated that well over 34.2 million Americans have diabetes, while another 86 million or more, are pre-diabetic; 7.3 million people are living with disease and don’t even know it.

Unfortunately, since COVID-19 has taken over our society, being diabetic, along with other co-morbidities have proven quite deadly!

If you are a diabetic or are pre-diabetic and desire immediate coverage, complete and submit the short questionnaire below. We can help you! We have over three decades of experience in the Senior Marketplace, and we specialize in obtaining final expense insurance for Diabetics.

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