We Specialize in Burial Insurance to help your family pay for Funeral and Other Expenses Throughout the Fort Lauderdale Area.

protect Your loved ones from Burdensome expenses after You’re gone

Called it what you will—funeral insurance, senior life insurance, or final expense insurance—but when it comes to our departure from this life, most people would like to ensure their finances are in order. Final Expense Specialists help seniors obtain final expense insurance in order to protect their loved ones from big expenses after they’re gone.

Are you ready to explore death benefits that your beneficiaries can use for any purpose? Final Expense Specialists is prepared to assist you, as burial insurance is easy to get and does not require a medical exam. You can buy the policy online or on the telephone at your convenience. To give you an idea of what to expect, applicants are asked about their age, tobacco use, and whether they have certain serious health conditions.

Final Expense Insurance Information

What is Final Expense Insurance?

Final Expense Insurance is a Whole Life Insurance policy that has a small death benefit and is easier to get approved for.

Life Insurance for Diabetics

What if I have Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes? The Truth Diabetes is one of those health issues which contribute to heart disease, stroke, neuropathy, and more.

Do You Have Long-Term Health Issues?

Well, you are not alone! As we age, our society, which caters to fast food and sugar-based products, has taken its toll on the health of many of our Citizens.

What if I have Diabetes?

We specialize in obtaining final expense insurance for Diabetics!

What if I have Diabetes?

We specialize in obtaining final expense insurance for Diabetics!


Level Benefit Plans

Immediate Coverage and has the Lowest premiums.


Graded/Modified Plans

Provides a limited death benefit for the first two years and pays a death benefit only for accidental death within that time.  Most plans offer a return of premium with interest on monies invested.


Guarantee Issue Plans

For those age 50-80 with uninsurable health issues.  These plans require a two year waiting period before any benefits are payable.  There are no health questions and coverage is guaranteed!

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